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June 18, 2010

A Guide to Madrid

Madrid Travel Guide

The sword fighting Madrid feels like a never ending party, calibrating the joy of life. Spain, after being trapped under a totalitarian regime for the most of the last century, feels like country born again, becoming a vivid player on the world stage, its growth unseen since the 16th century, when playwrights and painters would travel to preform at Madrid’s royal courts. A crossing point for Iberia, the Spanish capital of Madrid as become a city with a large hunger for art music and epicurean joys.

When you first arrive in Spain and Madrid, and the first breath of fresh cool mountain air reaches your lungs, the first thing to strike you is the large empty beautiful sky’s legendary in the famous painting of Spain. “From Madrid to Heaven (Or “De Madrid a cielo” in Spanish.) is the saying of the area, andif you enter the Two thousand foot high castilian plateau, it really does feel as if the heavens are reaching down to touch you. Perfect can be the only description of this area of grey spired 16th century Hasburg churches, and the red tiled Medejar churches which made Madrid the famous capital it is today.

One of the main attractions of the Spanish capital is the artistic collection that can be found inside the many galleries that cover the capital. King Carlos one, who lived 58 years, is the main reason so much of Europe’s art came into possession of Spanish galleries (at that time most of Europe was under some kind of Spanish control at the time of his rule, and this is why many French, German, Italian and Dutch artist now have their works of art inside the Spanish galleries. There are tens of galleries all around the capital, containing thousands of pieces of art, more then any person could hope to look at and contemplate in a lifetime.

Noways Madrid spread far eastwards into the 19th century area of Barria de Salamanca and compasses Northwards to the houses of Chamberi and chamartin. But it is the old Madrid that should be explored in detail on foot, the center of Madrid. Between the midtown forest and the royal Palace is the area known as the Parque del Buen Retir. These neighborhoods are a brilliant stage to show Madrid’s greatest resources, the people of Spain. Whether at play or work their constant energy drives the town into a great holiday experience.

When To Go

As the highest capital in Europe, Madrid is hot in summer and freezing in winter, with temperate springs and autumns. Especially in winter — when steamy café windows beckon you inside for a hot caldo (broth) and the blue skies are particularly bright — Madrid is the next best place to heaven.

With the highest altitudes of a capital in Europe. Madrid can be boiling in the summer and freezing in the winter, with average autumns and springs. Surprisingly for some, the winter can be the best time to visit, with restaurants that can beckon with hot beverages and foods against the cold weather, and the breathtakingly clear blue sky above can make Madrid seem like a heaven on earth for travelers

The next part of this guide will cover a guide about a short stay to Madrid.

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