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June 30, 2010

David Beckham Heads For California

A new phase of David Beckham’s soccer life is beginning with a move to US soccer team L.A. Galaxy.

With his latest win for Real Madrid against Mallorca in the last game of the season, soccer great David Beckham bids adieu to his teammates and heads for California.

Beckham played for four years with Spain’s Real Madrid, and he ended his career with them by helping them to a 3-1 win over Mallorca, much to the delight of fans around the world. As to his end with the team, Beckham has been quoted as saying, “I couldn’t have dreamt it any better.”

Beckham’s farewell was an emotional one, and thousands of fans smiled for his future, though they will certainly feel his loss. Real Madrid fans converged in the city for a celebration after their hard-earned win in Bernabeu stadium to cheer not only Beckham, but their team, in grand style and noise.

Despite the celebratory air, however, it was clear Barcelona was going to give competitors a run for their money and the title, and it wasn’t until the final whistles had blown that Barcelona knew they would be second.

There had been a chance of Barcelona winning the title if results had gone their way, and when Mallorca went 1-0 up against Real Madrid the bars and hotels in Barcelona were braced for a night of celebration.

But it wasn’t to be Barcelona’s night, as Real Madrid went on to win 3-1 – and the Spanish soccer title.

Beckham will soon fly across the Atlantic and take his place among team members of the L.A. Galaxy team in Los Angeles, California, following a $250 million dollar deal with the Major Soccer League. His debut in America may come with a match between his new team and England’s Chelsea. The upcoming World of Football series tour promises millions of fans around the world the ultimate in soccer competition and big names.

Word is that Beckham would still love to play for his native England at international level despite the distance between LA and Europe. Beckham says, “I always wanted to play for my country and I will always be available, whether I’m in Spain for the next four months, or whether I’m in L.A. I will always want to do well for my country.”

Beckham’s arrival in Los Angeles has Hollywood set on its ear waiting for the famed soccer player, and local entertainment venues know that his arrival will bring thousands of fans to the city to watch his debut. Southern California will certainly bask in the glow that surrounds Beckham, and friend or foe, he’s certainly someone to watch, even though he is heading into a wind down of his illustrious career.

What do fans hope for? Beckham again says it all: “I’ll retire from this game when my best isn’t good enough.” Looks like fans in LA, as well as around the world still have plenty of opportunities to watch and enjoy Beckham’s moves, at least for a little while more.

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