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August 12, 2010


Backpacking around Europe is a great way to explore a selection of some of the western world’s oldest and most diverse countries. Budget travelers are also spoilt for choice, with over 48 different states to explore and a great many more sights and attractions and several methods of getting from place to place.

Hostels in Europe vary in price, but even in the most expensive cities such as London, Paris or Madrid, the cost is competitive and leaves plenty in the way of funds with which to explore.

Low-cost airlines are rife, as are the destinations that are accessible, which means that there really are very few restrictions on where to go.


While many would claim that there is a European culture, in terms of tourism the positive differences between each country outweigh the similarities, which makes for a fulfilling and varied trip.

In Eastern Europe, countries such as the Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus were most recently part of the former USSR. However, capitals such as Kiev in Ukraine still house proud remnants of early historical pockets of power and cultural significance, such as the St Sophia Cathedral and the Golden Gate of Kiev.

Comparatively, countries like neighboring Romania enjoy an entirely different landscape and atmosphere boasting ancient gothic castles, stunning mountain ranges and a Dracula mythology that ensures a completely unique experience.

Moving south, meanwhile, Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy and the most southerly regions of Spain take on an entirely different character, defined notably in terms of its famed cuisine and climate.

Whether meandering around a local Italian market in Sardinia or Sicily, showcasing all manner of affordable local delicacies, or relaxing on the beach soaking up the summer sun on the Greek coastline, it promises as far a removal from much of the rest of Europe as one could wish for.

Getting Around

With the addition of cheap Europe hostels, budget travel encompasses a wealth of cheap charter flights, where it is possible to snatch a one-way ticket for next to nothing on some occasions.

But internal transport is perfectly suited to a budget trip. France, Germany and Spain are good examples of this, with major cities such as Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin all serviced by a cheap and efficient metro, bus or train system for which tickets are cheap.

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