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April 14, 2010

Malta Holidays Change Marketing Strategies

Malta is part of an archipelago of seven islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, and its central location makes it a popular vacation spot for tourists from Europe and Africa.

Prior to the development of Malta’s tourist industry in the 1950s, the economy was geared toward providing services to the British military.

During this time, the tourism industry was not as important as the island’s strategic placement. After the British government closed down its military base on Malta, tourism began to flourish. The island also became a port for ship repairs and light manufacturing.

In the late 1950s, the Maltese government formalized its efforts to promote Malta as a tourist destination and to improve access to its beaches – tourism began to grow rapidly.

Malta soon was playing host to more than 12,000 tourists and filling its hotels, often to capacity, during prime vacation seasons.

Malta has been a prime vacation destination for years. Its white sandy beaches and many attractions appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

For the 2008 holiday season, the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) launched an entirely new marketing plan. The plan, launched in late 2007, promotes Malta through a variety of media. Methods have included television advertisements, radio spots, posters, billboards and online marketing.

In cooperation with Air Malta, MTA launched several key promotions in Italy and France. Promotions in the two countries included television commercials that were played simultaneously on 1,152 large, flat-screen televisions in 22 major train stations.

This method alone was seen by millions of potential tourists. More than 600 large posters were hung in the Paris metro station and another 300 were on display on outdoor advertising.

In March 2008, Malta’s representation at the Globe Fair in Rome helped promote Malta to a new, younger crowd of potential tourists.

Promotions continued through the month of April and included Maxi Retro advertisements in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Treviso and Mestre. In total, 225 public transit buses and trams bore advertisements for the MTA and Air Malta.

Spain also has seen an increase in MTA advertisements. Barcelona is home to a large, 980-square-foot billboard promoting Malta.

The billboard is well-lit and visible from a great distance both during the day and night. In addition to the billboard, hundreds of posters hang in the Barcelona and Madrid subways. Two trams in Valencia also bear advertising, along with two Maxi Retro buses in Barcelona. A radio campaign was launched in Madrid to help promote low-cost flight connections from Spain to Malta.

Malta recently has changed currency from the Maltese lira to the euro. Some argue that the change will have a detrimental effect on Malta’s tourism. Others believe the change will have a positive effect on Malta’s economy and tourism.

Both sides have valid arguments, as the euro is gaining value against the sterling and dollar.

However, current exchange rates will cause a bit more of a wallet-pinch as international tourists plan overseas vacations.

Lower-cost airfares will definitely be more popular this year as a result. Low-cost flight alternatives offer more flexibility for tourists who enjoy a long weekend away from the rigors of everyday life.

Many other ways to lower vacation costs still exist. The thrifty tourist still will be able to find creative ways to make vacation plans.

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