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June 23, 2010


As i young man,i traveled to Madrid Spain. Great trip because i really planned this out. First thing:

1.check out hostels.

( small rooms with communal bath areas.) They are cheaper than hotels and they cater to young people with small budgets.Go to your area library and pick up travel pampletsfor that area.

2.Never buy gifts or change your money at the airport.

The exchange rates are very high. Go to a bank.

3.Never shop where tourists do.

Always go off the beaten path.Prices are lower for the same items.

4. Use the internet!

This is the best way to see what you are getting into before you spend time and money. Example, if you wanted to travel to Madrid, you go to Madrid .com and info. will appear.

5. Visit the Consulate

Familiarize yourself with all the laws before you set out to take pictures and walk on foriegn soil.Things are not the same everywhere you go. Tickets are costly.

6. Theft

Try to travel in pairs if you can. Thieves lurks the back alley’s looking for traveler’s

Follow these steps and you will have a great time.

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