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July 26, 2010

The London Bombings

To understand the London bombing’s we need to look at the background of the political climate that prevailed prior to the bombing’s. The labour party under the leadership of Tony Blair was at an all time low, and the labour party was heading into obscurity in the coming general election. In times of crisis the people have a tendency to support their national government, irrespective of whether they are good or bad, history is filled with this human pattern of behaviour. Conveniently for the labour party and Mr Blair the bombing’s took place? Within days of the London bombing’s, evidence began to emerge indicating western intelligence agencies involvement.

To help us understand who perpetrated them we need to look at the Madrid bombing’s of 03. 11. 04. The Spanish Government admitted that after a two year investigation of the Madrid bombing’s there was no evidence of any connection with the terrorist group known as Al Quaida. (AP news)(Associated Press). All the evidence was pointing to the Spanish security services of having links with everyone of the supposed bombers, including the head of the Spanish bomb squad. The alleged leader of the bombers who reportedly gave dynamite to the terrorists was connected to the Madrid bomb squad. All of this is confirmed on BBC.CO.UK of Thursday 20 April 2004, and on CNN.COM, USA Today and ABC NEWS.

The same pattern of events that took place in Madrid is mirrored in London!
On the morning of July 7 2005 three trains and a bus were ripped to pieces, when four military grade explosive devices detonated. At 8-50am three explosive devices simultaneously detonated on three separate trains. Within minutes eyewitnesses were informing the authorities and the press, and it was blatantly obvious that multiple terror attacks had now taken place.Yet for one and a half hours after the bombs had gone off, Scotland Yard doggedly persisted that it was only a power problem with the underground system? They kept up this pretence even though there were dead and dying Londoners on three separate trains, plus the fact that this information was now well known to the media? What reasons could there be for such misinformation. Why withhold it for one and a half hours, information which could enable people to take steps to protect themselves from the possibility of other bombs that could be in the area? Who has sought to investigate such outrageous anomalies, what reasons could there be for such an abdication of responsibility by the police, and their duty to protect the public. That bizarre behaviour continues.

For fifty minutes after the bombings while still claiming it is only a power problem, the police divert the number 30 bus, Hackney Wick to Marble Arch to leave it’s normal route and depart at the corner of Woburn Square and Tavistock Square. At 9-47am a fourth bomb explodes on that very bus Killing thirteen civilians, and injuring many others. Out of several hundred buses in service that day, the number thirty was the only one that was diverted?

The detectives that investigated the background of the four alleged bombers concluded that they did not fit into the pattern or have the M.O, (modus operandi) of a suicide bomber. They all had good jobs, were part of well founded happy families, they had all played cricket the day before the bombing’s. The day of the bombing’s they bought return tickets, one was caught on camera arguing about the price of his ticket! Scotland Yard detectives on questioning eye- witnesses who were on the trains and bus, concluded that the alleged bombers were unaware that they were carrying bombs in their rucksacks? This information is on the record, and was published by associated press (AP), but has not been pursued by the media in general. The supposed mastermind behind the London bombing’s was believed to be a Haroon Rashid Aswat, born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire on the 22 Sept. 1974.

The FOX NEWS channels Dayside Programme of July29 2005, revealed the supposed mastermind of the London bombing’s as Haroon Rashid Aswat was a British Intelligence asset! Former U.S. Justice Department Prosecutor and F.B.I. terror expert John Loftus who participated on this FOX NEWS PROGRAMME exposed the fact that Aswat was being protected by M.I.6., and was clearly under their control? John Loftus pointed out that Aswat was well known to U.S., authorities, they wanted to arrest him for trying to set up terrorist training camps in Oregon, but were ordered to back off from Aswat as their own H.Q., the Justice Dept., informed them he was working for British Intelligence. Aswat was wanted by the C.I.A., yet he was free to fly into Britain from America two weeks prior to the London bombing’s. Aswat left the U.K., the day before the bombings and flew to Pakistan where he was arrested. On the day of his arrest in Pakistan, the bombs in London went off, yet within twenty fours Aswat was released? Scotland Yard were looking everywhere for this man, but he was under the divine protection of M.I.6., for reasons that they, and others in government only knew.

Benjamin Netanyahu former prime minister of Israel, now it’s finance minister was in London on the day of the bombing’s, at the Great Eastern Hotel one hundred yards from Liverpool Street Subway Station, which was bombed at was informed at 8. to leave his hotel, this information came from the head of Mossard the Israeli Intelligence agency as reported on by (AP) associated press. Others were warned similarly, showing a conspiracy of evil by the dark forces operating within our government and security services, who are responsible for killing their own peoples for their own diabolical goals!

John Loftus went on to point out that the C.I.A., Israeli Intelligence (Mossard) and other intelligence agencies were informing British Intelligence M.I.6.,that thousands of Al Quiada followers and sympathisers were pouring into the U.K. The French Intelligence Service was particularly vociferous in this regard. The evidence accumulates that M.I.6., knowingly let thousands of terrorists into our country, and have used them for their own devious ends, and to our harm. London is well known by our European allies as the DUSTBIN of Europe, and our capital is referred to as LONDISTAN. What shame is being imposed upon us by those who rule, they are now being seen as our greatest enemies.

To add more damning evidence about those who so rule over us is David Shayler, former M.I.5., agent who was jailed for breaking the official secrets act, he points out that the secret services create state sponsored terrorism, and by so doing give the government of the day powers that only exist when you are in a state of crisis. What better enemy than terrorism to impose laws that you could never burden your population with otherwise, civil liberties are sacrificed on the alter of terrorism. The government have virtually a free hand as they keep the masses in a constant state of fear.

He went on to quote from the Cambridge Evening News who wrote an article about Bruce Laif a tube train survivor of the London bombing’s, who stated that he never saw anyone carrying a rucksack, but what he did see as he was lying injured on the train, was jagged metal protruding from the floor of the train, pointing to the conclusion that an explosive device had been planted under the train? David Shayler is hoping that the investigators or the media would investigate further. Not surprisingly no one in the national press or other bodies, is following up these questionable anomalies that go against the official conclusions!

David Shayler believes the assault on our civil liberties in the U.K., began with the conflict in Northern Ireland, he clearly describes how the security services provoked the problem in Northern Ireland so by bringing in new draconian laws, to remove bit by bit, the freedoms that we were familiar with. That erosion has continued apace with the new threat of Islamic terrorism. With the end of the cold war and the I.R.A., ceasefire, a new enemy was needed, and they let it take root, we along with the Americans cleverly contrived using this particular avenue of terrorism (Islam), to keep our war machines in production, and our populations in check. To keep us all in a constant state of insecurity, which will give more or less free reign to those in power, and make huge amounts of money for those who have most to gain from such instability.

Michael Meacher, a former cabinet minister in Tony Blairs government, was sacked for raising sensitive questions about Iraq on the eve of the Iraq war. Here is a little of what he had to say on the London bombing’s, “It is a very convenient way of ensuring their is fear, of ensuring that there is control, and of ensuring that those in the know, and of course we cannot tell, because it is all secret, are in a position of extreme power.”

Mr Blair and Mr Bush have declared terrorism as the new war of the twenty first century, a war they believe that will go on for generations? A hundred year war? The evidence of state sponsored terrorism is overwhelming, and people need to wake up to the deceptions of their own governments. Many people say what can I do against such powerfully corrupt individuals, keep in mind that is all they are, individuals with fears, and human weaknesses like ourselves. They might have a power structure behind them, but they are also dependant on the frailties of others within that power structure, who make up that support.

We must remember that those who hide behind their position of power, and their various government departments, often getting one of their lower ranking ministers to fall on their sword (resign) for their mistakes, demonstrates not statesmanship but cowardice. They, the few who control, depend on the many not doing anything, when good men say nothing the wicked prosper, that is why THEY are bringing in more, and more laws to curtail our freedom of speech, and intimidate us into silence. The greatest fear of those in power are the people speaking as ONE in their objection to their own governments behaviour. A perfect example of this was the war in Vietnam, a few voices calling out in the wilderness to a deafening crescendo that forced the most powerful government on this planet to concede to the cries of their people. Remember you are not alone, many others are speaking up, writing letters, phoning the media on a regular basis, e-mailing, informing others. Many celebrities in America and elswhere, are standing up against the state sponsored terrorism, that they believe their government was party to as regards the Twin Towers. Half of New Yorkers believe 9/11 was an inside job, the evidence of state sponsored terrorism as regards 9/11 is staggering.

In summing up, the greatest fear of those corrupt individuals in power is exposure, and just as they have blown their own people up for their own evil ends, so we can blow them up. Not with bombs like they do, but by being part of that human time bomb known as the people. Collectively we can bring these villains to justice, when one goes, the others fall like leaves in late autumn, Its up to all of us to expose the truth.

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