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July 18, 2010

The most beautiful cities in the world

Spain is not only beaches, heat waves, sea and sand. Are you brave enough to experience real Spain? Check this town out:

Mountains and hills, rivers and fields, cliffs, breathtaking views, sunshine, warmth, rain and cold, wild spring flowers, changing autumn leaves, heat waves, snow, quaint old town, busy shopping centres, amazing architecture, a UNESCO Wold Heritage Site. I am talking about the Spanish town Cuenca.

Cuenca is an all year round delight and a true Spanish experience. It is a town of many contrasts. For those who love the mountains and crisp refreshing walks, I recommend a winter vacation in Cuenca. For those who prefer plenty of sunshine and warmth and refreshing water for bathing in you must experience a summer in Cuenca. Enjoy a beautiful quiet location or the busy city night life. Which ever you prefer Cuenca will not disappoint you.

It is still a town to be discovered by tourists. Cuenca has many attractive hostels and hotels, tapas bars and restaurants. Its people are friendly and, especially the young people, are always looking for an opportunity to practice their English. It is a university town with a high population of young adults, but it is also a family place, and also home to many elderly folk.

The countryside of Cuenca is an awesome array of cliffs and scenic valleys, gorges, and waterfalls. There is also an interesting group of rock formations in the province known as ‘The Enchanted City’ – La Ciudad Encantada.

The original Old Town of Cuenca is situated on tall cliffs between two river gauges. It is famous for its 15th Century “Hanging Houses” – “Las Casas Colgadas”, whose balconies are suspended over a cliff’s edge. One of these houses a Museum of Spanish Abstract Art, and another houses a beautiful restaurant. It is a beautiful old city centre, with a grand Gothic Cathedral.

Cuenca is found in central Spain. A two and a half hour train journey from Madrid or three hours from Valencia. But watch this space in three years time with the high speed train it will be just 45 minutes from Spain’s capital, Madrid.

Visit Cuenca – you will not be disappointed.

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