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July 21, 2010

Top tips for your Spanish Holiday

Few European holiday destinations can claim to have the charm of Spain, a country that offers the awe inspiring architecture and historically significant sights common in other European countries but with the added bonus of all the attractions being under a beautiful, blue Mediterranean sky. Even those having to stick to a tight budget during their holidays will find plenty to do and see in Spain, and, with some careful planning, could save a substantial amount of money.

Planning early is the key for finding the best deals on travel and cheap accommodation in the larger Spanish cities. Most low cost airlines will fly in and out of Barcelona and Madrid, with cheap internal flights services available for transportation between Spanish cities, or to the Canary Islands, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca. However, for the best deals booking at least two or three weeks in advance is advisable.

Choosing the dates of your Spanish holiday wisely is also a great way to save money. By avoiding the major tourist season during the summer months, you’ll be surprised by how much you can save. During the peak tourist season, Spain’s major cities fill with tourists, leading to accommodation becoming scarce and much more expensive. Restaurants and shops often raise prices too during the summer and even basic travel tickets local transportation may see a rise in prices during May, June and July. By August, the influx of tourists to the country has settled down, making it the perfect time to visit the more popular cities. With fewer crowds, hotels and hostels will have plenty of rooms, and at a reasonable rate.

While skiing is not the first activity you’re likely to think of when Spain is mentioned, Andorra, a tiny mountainous country bordering Spain to the north, has a thriving ski scene. For budget travellers, Andorra can provide one of the cheapest ski opportunities in Europe, with cheap lodges and lift tickets as well as tax free gift shops and stores. Getting there can be cheap and easy too, with buses running to Andorra from most northern Spanish cities.

Spanish nightlife is also a big reason for tourists visiting the country, with most clubs and bars full by 11pm and remaining open till dawn in many locations. However, many clubs charge a hefty entrance fee and drinks inside will be quite expensive. To make the most of the Spanish nightlife while sticking to a budget, the best plan is to either find clubs and bars that don’t charge for entrance or to cruise around some of the local bars which may have free passes to some of the biggest clubs. Enjoying a drink in a bar is also a great way to avoid buying expensive drinks in the clubs. Finding great clubs in Spain won’t be too hard either. A quick look at any Spain holiday reviews will ensure you find a nightspot to your liking.

Finally, make sure you get to know the local Spanish people in your chosen destination. Locals will be more than willing to recommend a place to grab a bite to eat or a drink and, by getting off the beaten path and away from the tourist crowd, a wealth of new ideas and options may become available to you.

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