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June 20, 2010

Traditional Hotspots or New Sights

Traditionally, British families tend to prefer making holiday plans that include visits to the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands.

Lanzarote and Menorca are two of the most popular family holiday destinations among British tourists.

Lanzarote tourism reported nearly a 17 percent increase in British tourists during the first two months of 2008. Menorca also reported near-record increases in British tourism during the first quarter of 2008.

During prime summer holiday season, the numbers are expected to increase even more as more families take holidays abroad. The implementation of low-cost flights to the islands has made it more convenient and more cost-efficient for families to plan for summer holiday costs.

Families with younger children and teens prefer locations that cater to a quieter lifestyle and embrace children. Lanzarote’s many restaurants and resorts often plan special events around the arrival of children and families. Lanzarote is also home to one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Menorca and Madrid are also very popular destinations for families with small children.

Young Adults on Holiday Nightlife

Young adults making their own holiday plans this year without the accompaniment of their families are looking toward the Costa del Sol, Tenerife and Majorca. Forty-five percent of British youth said they plan to enjoy at least one holiday abroad during the 2008 holiday season. Twenty-five percent said they are planning at least two shorter holidays abroad instead of one extended holiday. Most are planning island holidays on either Tenerife or Majorca.

Tenerife and Majorca are prime holiday spots for those who enjoy a bit more than a family-oriented holiday.

The exciting nightlife provided by both Tenerife and Majorca is very popular among the late teens and early 20s crowds. The more traditional British seaside holiday is being cast aside for more excitement by those under age 30. The younger crowds tend to enjoy the Las Vegas-style clubs and casinos available on the islands. Flights to the islands and back to airports in the U.K. are more affordable and more frequent than ever.

Across the Atlantic, young adults in the U.S. are planning similar vacations of their own. College students and the under-30 crowd tend to plan cruises to the Caribbean, sports-related cruises or beach vacations in Florida, California or Mexico.

Cancun Mexico is a very popular vacation spot for U.S. college students. Panama City Beach and Miami Beach in Florida are well-known for white sandy beaches as well as a hopping nightlife. Throughout the summer, beaches in and near the U.S. play host to a variety of concerts, contests and TV shows. Reality TV shows are often created based on various things that happen during spring break.

Cheaper Flights Assist Holiday Planning

No matter where you live, most people have to budget and plan their summer vacation, holiday or spring break.

Travel agencies work to package airfare and vacation packages into one payment to help young adults afford at least one vacation per year. Agencies work with airlines, car rentals, hotels and resorts to provide the best price to their clients.

Travel agencies, in conjunction with low-cost airlines throughout the U.K. offer young adults the opportunity to more easily afford the island holiday they wish to plan.

Low-cost airlines in the U.K. offer similar packages for families planning a holiday with younger children. Madrid, Lanzarote and Menorca are three of the most popular holiday destinations for British families.

Although current monetary exchange rates mean a holiday abroad will likely be a bit more expensive, the vast majority of holiday plans include international travel.

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