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June 13, 2010

Travel destinations: Canary Islands, Lanzarote

While flying I am high above the earth and its problems, I realize this makes problems smaller than I am, putting them in the proper perspective. I am bigger and semi detached from the earth and its problems.

On the flight over, my seat happened to be over a wing and I noticed a crack on the wing, realizing that it hadn’t gotten any worse, I continued to watch it , I figured there wasn’t any use to say anything, there is no place to land in the middle of the ocean anyway.

Upon arriving in Madrid, I immediately exchanged my US dollars for the Spanish Peso. I inquired as to whether this money would be good in the Canary Islands, the young girl replied,” Yes we still own the Canary Islands.”

Just the answer I needed after being up all night!

Guess that is what I get for asking a dumb question.

My connecting flight to Lanzarote didn’t leave for six hours, ,so I deducted that the best thing I could do was grab some shut eye on the unoccupied bench in the airport. Using my camera bag for a pillow, and assuming a horizontal positioned I settled in for a long deserved nap.

After departing Madrid on a three hour flight, I settled in for the three hour flight, we were barely in flight when I noticed we were still in Spain and we were landing, not knowing what the reason was, I started inquiring as to what was going on. However , no one spoke English. Looking out my window I noticed a road sign that stated we were in Seville. The flight attendants kept telling us to depart the plane while offering no explanation.

We departed and were loaded onto a bus and taken to the airport where we were told that we would be reboarding shortly. Finally, finding someone who spoke broken English, I was told that we had to refuel the plane! We only left Madrid an hour ago, what do we need fuel for?

My only reasoning was that maybe there wasn’t any fuel available in Lanzarote, and they had to refuel before the plane left Spain.

The Canaries are called Canis Islands or islands of good fortune and are one of the last remnants of the Continent of Atlantis.

Lanzarote now rises from the ocean as a paradise yet undiscovered its many fine hotels and resorts shining in the sun. The continuous building & construction lie as evidence of the potential of this sunshine paradise with an almost perfect climate.

This island has much to offer, from the lava fields formed by volcanoes that erupted simultaneously in 1730 and flowed until 1736. During which time 12 villages were

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