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August 29, 2010

World soccer dream team

The magnificent eleven

Goal keeper (1st choice) -Peter shmeichel (Rtd)

Subs-gianluigi Buffon, petr cech, Carlo Cudiccini

Surely no goalie ever matched his record saves and vital stunts that helped Manchester united to capture successive premier league crowns. His agility and drive put united on the forefront of any title challenge with his excellent saves and capability to commandeer a defense to his liking. Be it Europe or domestic. And in his footsteps is his son young shmeichel who plays for Manchester city and has already made a good name for himself by being Sven Goran Eriksson’s first choice keeper


Right back

Roberto Carlos(Olympiakos)

Need I say more?

Left back

Philip lahm (Bayern Munich)

He can run all day and is a reliable source of goal-saving tackles and pinpoint crosses. Arguably the best left back around.


Fabio Cannavarro (Real Madrid)

a great defender of all times. He proved his worth in the 2006 FIFA world cup by scooping the most valuable player of the tournament. He also scooped the European footballer of the year. His lightning speed, coupled with the strength of an ox, leaves strikers at bay. in total disillusionment and frustration

Ricardo Cavarlho.(chelsea)

Considered FC Porto’s finest defender and Chelsea’s unequaled goliath, he remains one of the strongest defenders that have shown resilience and excellent physical fitness. his good conservative tackles have never cost Chelsea a penalty since his exodus from Porto.


1. David Beckham (LA Galaxy)

Subs-Cristiano Ronaldo

An excellent ball supplier from the wings is one of the key components that make a team invincible. Coupled with his strong leadership skill on the pitch(great skipper eh!) and being a free kick specialist be sure that he will win you goals even in the dying minutes. His record at Old Trafford and Madrid speak for itself.

2. Argen robben (real Madrid)

His subs-Lionel Messi, Joe Cole

The Flying Dutchman always impresses on the ball with his neat flicks and cut-backs on the flanks. A very versatile player who can do both wings

3. Michael Ballack (Chelsea)

His sub-Frank Lampard, Zinedine Zidane, Claude Makelele

A towering presence in the mid field is needed for any goals to be delivered via the head. He is a holding mid fielder who wins balls when crucial

4. Ronaldinho Gaucho (Barcelona)

Sub-Deco, Michael Essien,

In every team there has to be a playmaker and when creativity is called for, he is the man for the job


1. Didier Drogba- Chelsea

The nice thing with him is that you can either leave him up on his own and lump balls to him or get him involved in the short-passing game. Either way, he’ll tie up entire opposing back fours on his own.

2. Ruud Van Nistelrooy-Real Madrid

And to think some numpties thought he was finished. He and Thierry Henry are the only strikers to have scored 20 or more goals in a major European league in five of the past six seasons. Put the ball anywhere near him and he’ll score. Simple as that.

Their subs- Samuel eto’o, Thierry Henry, (both of Barcelona) Ronaldo(Internazionale), Wayne Rooney(Man U), Dimitar berbatov (Totenham Hotspur)

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